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Kriwan’s New Oil Level Regulator INT280-xxx Diagnose
With the new INT280-xxx Diagnose, Kriwan is introducing a product for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) market that makes Industry 4.0 more practical and concrete. In addition to its basic function, measuring the oil level and adding oil, this regulator especially.../images/up/News/20179221203471185.jpg
Guntner Now Runs Its Own Measurement Laboratory for CO2 and NH3
Since spring, Guntner has implemented another measuring system at its location in Furstenfeldbruck. What makes it so special is that it measures not only the volume of CO2 and NH3 but also makes it possible to perform capacity and air volume measurements. In addition to this, the system will soon en.../images/up/News/20179221164753678.jpg
LU-VE’s New Combined Spray and Adiabatic System for CO2 Gas Coolers
Emeritus is the latest innovation developed for the range of condensers, dry coolers, and CO2 gas coolers manufactured by LU-VE Exchangers. This new technological advance (patent pending) is the result of collaboration with Polytechnic University of Milan and brings together the benefits of spray sy.../images/up/News/2017922115389312.jpg
Dorin’s CO2 Compressors
Dorin, a global leader in the field of CO2 compressor technology, has completed the qualification process of the world’s largest class CO2 transcritical compressor models. Over the past year, sever-al original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have expressed strong interest in CO2 compressors with capa.../images/up/News/20179221104838889.jpg
CAREL Upgrades Beverage Cooler Solution
CAREL will be presenting its completely upgraded solutions for the beverage cooler segment at Drinktec 2017. The ultimate expression of the company’s high energy efficiency proposal is Heez, the new control solution for beverage coolers with very low power consumption and incredible pull-down times .../images/up/News/20179220494183797.jpg
Bitzer CSVW26 Compact Screw Compressors
Bitzer CSVW26 compact screw compressors have recently obtained CE marking and UL approval and have thus gone into serial release. Exceptionally lightweight and compact, the entire CSVW26 series is designed for highest efficiency in water-and air-cooled liquid chillers operating with a low condens.../images/up/News/20179220453315764.jpg
ebm-papst’s Compact Energy-saving Fan with Diagonal Impeller
Fans in refrigerated and freezer cabinets are operated almost continuously, so they offer especially large potential energy savings. The proven energy-saving fan from ebm-papst is now available with a diagonal impeller specially designed for tight spaces in the rear walls of refrigerated display cas.../images/up/News/2017922046463654.jpg
Danfoss Warns of Pivotal Time in Cold Room Specification
With a growing number of technical, environmental, and regulatory factors to consider, specifying the right cold room technology is more complex and important than ever. The focus on cleaner, more efficient technology, and lower-Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants is growing, but client r.../images/up/News/20179220274389068.jpg
The European cold chain market in 2016 grew about 4% in terms of the average value of all regions. The main contributors to growth included the advances of supermarkets, the increasing quantity of frozen foods traded by international manufacturers, and increasing exports of perishables and processed.../images/up/News/2017922014590361.jpg
Air Intake Filter Screens
Air Intake Filter Screens September 20, 2017 Extend filter life and keep coils clean. The RABScreen air intake screen is available with multiple mounting and deployment options including the patented wrap around and MagnaMount. Installed all over Europe by RABScreen and its partners The industr.../images/up/News/20179211942215317.jpg
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