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2.8.3 Malaysia
Malaysia’s chiller market decreased to US$ 62.3 million in 2015. All three segments, the combined segment of reciprocating, screw, and scroll, centrifugal; and also absorption, recorded a 9.0% decrease. York dominates the market, followed by Trane and Dunham Bush. These companies all produce chil.../images/up/News/201611240144046713.jpg
2.8.2 Thailand
Thai chiller market size was US$ 77.6 million in 2015, unchanged compared with 2014. The scroll chiller market decreased by 22.0% to US$ 5.5 million, which offset the stable growth of the centrifugal and screw segments. As Thailand has abundant water resources, water-cooled chillers dominate the .../images/up/News/201611240115434416.jpg
2.8.1 Indonesia
Indonesia saw real GDP growth of 4.79% in 2015, a downward trend for the fifth year running. Public investment was down, and construction of office buildings and hotels has been postponed. The Indonesian chiller market in 2015 contracted to US$ 74.7 mil-lion, a decrease of 13.1% compared with in .../images/up/News/20161124095241888.jpg
2.8 Southeast Asia
According to BSRIA, the total chiller market in seven countries, namely Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia, recorded a 3.7% year-on-year decline to US$ 306.5 million in 2015. The bright spot was the scroll chiller market, which increased by 17.3% to US$ 22...
2.7 Taiwan
According to BSRIA, Taiwan chiller market scale reached US$ 113.1 million in 2015, a 4.2% decrease from US$ 118.0 million in 2014. Scroll chillers serve a similar cooling capacity range as VRF systems and have been losing market share to VRF, especially in the 50?100 RT range. Rising demand from .../images/up/News/2016112323565655220.jpg
Fujitsu General: R&D Center in Thailand started full-scale operation
Aiming at further expansion of business by the development system of 3 development bases in Japan, China and Thailand November 9, 2016 At Fujitsu General Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "FGE"), our development base of air conditioners in Thailand, the construction of RD Center (tot.../images/up/News/2016111710552457720.jpg
'Green' data centres receive r&d funding
October 30, 2016 UK/MALAYSIA: A joint UK and Malaysian consortium has been awarded a Newton Fund grant to develop the next generation of green data centres. The award forms part of an investment of up to £14.4m in collaborative research and development in the region. With the internet becomin...
Haier Centrifugal Chillers Awarded Malaysian Project
On September 8, Haier reached a strategic agreement with Sunway Group, a real estate development giant in Malaysia, and will install three of its magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller units in newly built real estate projects and a hotel retrofit. According to president of Sunway Group, the compan.../images/up/News/201610301205244579.jpg
Fukushima Displays Refrigerators with Japanese Technology
At Refrigeration HVAC Indonesia, Fukushima Industries displayed its table top and upright refrigerators at its Fukushima International Singapore booth. The refrigerators are designed in Japan and manufactured in Thailand and feature a large storage space with no center pillar. Their stainless st.../images/up/News/2016102614381548817.jpg
iSiB Debuts with Turkish Stakeholders
With more than 600 members, iSiB, the Turkish HVACR Exporters Association, is active in the HVACR sector worldwide. iSiB continues to organize national participation at leading expos all around the world. This time, it participated in Refrigeration HVAC Indonesia for the first time with Turkish .../images/up/News/2016102614324188520.jpg
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