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Rwanda On Right Path in Protection of Ozone Layer
By Philippe Mwema Bahati The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the earth from the harmful portion of the sun rays, thus helping preserve life on the planet. Ozone layer destruction can lead to skin cancer, eye cataract, weakening body immunity, reduction of marine ecosystems and climate.../images/up/News/2014101518532121936.jpg
Mauritius breaks record with the largest diesel/photovoltaic system installed
06/10/2014 One of the world’s largest diesel/photovoltaic hybrid systems is to be installed in a supermarket in the city of Flacq, Mauritius. Dhybrid Power System was chosen for what could be the largest diesel/photovoltaic hybrid system in the world so far, with 3.2 MW of overall output. That s.../images/up/News/201410818182039184.jpg
Africa’s first concentrating solar cooling system
30/09/2014 Mobile telecommunications company MTN has launched Africa’s first Concentrating Solar Cooling System in its Head office in Johannesburg. The system uses a technology called Linear Fresnel Concentrating Solar Power. The system consists of 242 solar receivers supplied by German manufact...
Nigeria Starts HC Refrigerant Production
As part of the HCFC phase out plan, Nigeria has started production of hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and funding from the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol. Once completed, Nigeria will be the only cou...
Hisense Accelerates African Market Penetration
With the production base in South Africa, Hisense is expanding its business to African markets in Madagascar, Ghana and Seychelles. Hisense’s South African branch, which is also its headquarters in Africa, set up its export division in March to export products to neighboring countries. The produc...
Nigeria starts HC refrigerant production and export to West African countries
07 August 2014 In an interview with News Agency Nigeria (NAN) on 4 August, Mr Abdul-Kazeem Bayero, Acting Director, Pollution and Environmental Health Department at the Ministry of Environment announced that the production of hydrocarbon refrigerants in Nigeria has been initiated and Nigeria plans .../images/up/News/20148820104142852.jpg
Sierra Leone News: SL Brewery unveil CO2 and Cooling Plants
26 June 2014 As Breweries worldwide are experiencing increasing energy cost associated with production, Sierra Leone Brewery Limited yesterday unveiled a CO2 and a Cooling Plant that will address such problems at the Company’s headquarters. According to the Managing Director of Sierra Leone Brew.../images/up/News/20146291949062988.jpg
African technicians express intention to move to European-style refrigeration certification
23 June 2014 Workshop in Rwanda demonstrates both competence of expert technicians and their desire to move to a more structured competence system, in light of moves away from HCFCs and towards lower-GWP refrigerants Refrigeration groups in a number of African countries have signalled their inte...
UNEP Meets with African Nations RAC Business Owners to Talk HCFC's
Jun 16, 2014 RWANDA: Businesses and refrigeration and air-conditioning experts from 28 African countries are meeting in Kigali, Rwanda until Friday to discuss adopting alternative hydrocarbon refrigerants and how to safely handle and service equipment that uses them. UNEP representatives have aske.../images/up/News/201461818324784282.jpg
Regulations ban non-critical production of ozone-depleting substances
09 May 2014 Regulations for phasing-out and managing ozone-depleting substances published yesterday (Notice 351 of Government Gazette 37621) prohibit - with immediate effect - the production, import, export, use and marketing of specific ozone-depleting substances, as well as equipment or products c...