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Mauritius: International Community Applauds Mauritius for Efforts to Protect Ozone Layer
06 May 2015 The Secretariat of the Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol, in a statement issued recently, applauds Mauritius as the first developing country to adopt a training unit of non-polluting refrigeration for technicians. The Ministry of Environment, Sustainab...
Daikin launch high-ambient R32 air conditioners
May 4, 2015 MIDDLE-EAST AFRICA: Daikin has announced the launch of GCC’s first commercialised R32 refrigerant high ambient air conditioning system, an alternative refrigerant to R22 with zero ozone depletion potential and lower global warming impact than R410A refrigerant. “The unique combinati.../images/up/News/20155521561989270.jpg
UNEP produces HCFC phase-out guides
08 Apr 2015 KENYA: UNEP has produced two guides to assist article 5 countries in their phase-out of HCFC refrigerants. Article 5 countries were obliged to freeze baseline consumptions (2009-2010 average) by 1 January 2013 and achieve a 10% reduction in consumption by 1 January 2015. Good Serv.../images/up/News/201541023105499302.jpg
Alfa Laval opens office in Ghana
10 Feb 2015 GHANA: Alfa Laval has opened a sales office in Ghana to meet the needs of the booming West African region. North Africa and West Africa were previously directly managed from France, the Alfa Laval office there representing 22 countries from Tunisia to Congo. In order to capture and r.../images/up/News/20152131749653094.jpg
Montreal Protocol ditches 2.2m tonnes of ODS
December 27, 2014 KENYA: Although over 2.2m tonnes of ODSs have been phased out by the Montreal Protocol, 640,000 tonnes of HCFCs are still to be eliminated. This and other interesting statistics are revealed in UNEP’s Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2014, the full report of the summar.../images/up/News/2014123018425029684.jpg
Tunisia: refrigeration data
21/11/2014 Currently, the national cold-storage capacity in Tunisia is approximately 1,600,000m3. In 2010, the national park of goods transportation vehicles included approximately 3,000 refrigerated vehicles (or 0.85% of the total workforce) and 1,500 insulated vehicles. 25% of electrical co...
African solar energy could power UK homes by 2018
22 October 2014 A new project could provide clean energy to more than 2.5 million homes, creating double the energy of UK’s nuclear energy output. TuNur is a 2GW solar export project in the Tunisian Sahara that will be connected to the European electricity grid via a dedicated cable. The proj...
Package units revolutionise ammonia refrigeration
09 October 2014 The new ammonia package refrigeration unit is to revolutionise industrial refrigeration. With a footprint of only 700 x 1800mm, the PAM package has a refrigeration capacity of 82kW at -20oC and 40kW at -35oC and 30oC condensing. The package with an overall height of only 1600mm h.../images/up/News/2014101817455944149.jpg
Rwanda On Right Path in Protection of Ozone Layer
By Philippe Mwema Bahati The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the earth from the harmful portion of the sun rays, thus helping preserve life on the planet. Ozone layer destruction can lead to skin cancer, eye cataract, weakening body immunity, reduction of marine ecosystems and climate.../images/up/News/2014101518532121936.jpg
Mauritius breaks record with the largest diesel/photovoltaic system installed
06/10/2014 One of the world’s largest diesel/photovoltaic hybrid systems is to be installed in a supermarket in the city of Flacq, Mauritius. Dhybrid Power System was chosen for what could be the largest diesel/photovoltaic hybrid system in the world so far, with 3.2 MW of overall output. That s.../images/up/News/201410818182039184.jpg