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1.11.3 Algeria
Algeria is the largest air conditioner market in Africa. Political uncertainty, however, remains and the country has had a cool summer for two consecutive years. The 2014 market size is estimated at about 478,000 units. Ductless split air conditioners account for 80% of the market, while window u...
1.11.2. Nigeria
The Nigerian air conditioner market size is estimated at more than 441,000 units. Ductless split air conditioners account for 84% of the market and window units comprise the remaining 16%. With a population of over 170 million, Nigeria holds huge market potential. Security and political stability ho...
1.11.1 Egypt
Egyptian air conditioner demand came to nearly 438,000 units. Egyptian VRF market scale is estimated at 600 units in 2014. Egypt’s population was over 82 million in 2014 and has a young demographic, indicating huge market potential. According to a report by a German marketing research company GfK...
1.11 Africa
The year 2014 was not a good year for the African air conditioner market in general. Market scale contracted by 9.1% compared with 2013. Northern Africa experienced a cooler-than-usual summer, which put the brakes on RAC sales, and how to get rid of leftover inventory is now a problem. Government.../images/up/News/20155281245533701.jpg
Mitsubishi Electric opens South Africa office
25 May 2015 SOUTH AFRICA: Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV is to open an office in Johannesburg. Starting operations in June, the Japanese manufacturer says the new branch will focus on market research and business development in order to bolster the company’s business offering mainly in the sub-Sa.../images/up/News/20155261855794495.jpg
UNIDO project helps The Gambia adopt natural refrigerants and leapfrog HFCs in the fisheries industry
22 May 2015 On 5 May, the key partners of a UNIDO initiative to help The Gambia switch to refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) met for the official inauguration of the project that is set to last three years. Through the promotion of technology transfer in the country’s fisheries se.../images/up/News/201552517194170469.jpg
J & E Hall Condensing Units Installed at Gambian Cold Store
J E Hall commercial condensing units are playing a key role in an innovative refrigeration project in Gambia. Three Fusion Scroll units have been installed at a newly-built cold store and butchery complex. Two JEHS-0400-M3 units are helping the 36 m2 cold rooms to function at temperatures from 0°C ...
Mauritius: International Community Applauds Mauritius for Efforts to Protect Ozone Layer
06 May 2015 The Secretariat of the Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol, in a statement issued recently, applauds Mauritius as the first developing country to adopt a training unit of non-polluting refrigeration for technicians. The Ministry of Environment, Sustainab...
Daikin launch high-ambient R32 air conditioners
May 4, 2015 MIDDLE-EAST AFRICA: Daikin has announced the launch of GCC’s first commercialised R32 refrigerant high ambient air conditioning system, an alternative refrigerant to R22 with zero ozone depletion potential and lower global warming impact than R410A refrigerant. “The unique combinati.../images/up/News/20155521561989270.jpg
UNEP produces HCFC phase-out guides
08 Apr 2015 KENYA: UNEP has produced two guides to assist article 5 countries in their phase-out of HCFC refrigerants. Article 5 countries were obliged to freeze baseline consumptions (2009-2010 average) by 1 January 2013 and achieve a 10% reduction in consumption by 1 January 2015. Good Serv.../images/up/News/201541023105499302.jpg