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Air conditioners market in South Africa
25/11/2015 Air conditioners (ACs) are not a priority appliance in South Africa but in recent years the popularity has grown in high income households, reaching a 40 % penetration rate in the most affluent homes. In addition to households, split ACs are often used in offices without a centralised HV...
UN funds Nigerian hydrocarbon plant
November 24, 2015 NIGERIA: The Nigerian government has finally commissioned a hydrocarbon refrigerant plant in Irolu, Ogun State. The plant was built with a share of the US $4,444,948 funding so far approved by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Industrial Develop...
Nigeria commissions first hydrocarbon refrigerant plant
24 November 2015 African nation says pilot plant is first move in investigating feasibility of leapfrogging HFCs in move away from HCFCs The Nigerian Federal Government has commissioned a pilot hydrocarbon refrigerant plant, in the village of Irolu in Ogun State. Ibrahim Jibril, Minister of S.../images/up/News/2015112518273631392.jpg
Rwandans Called to Protect Ozone Layer
7 Oct, 2015 By Susan Babijja The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) is working hard on phasing out HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) gases used in cooling equipment, which contain ozone-destroying chlorine. The call was made by Collette Ruhamya, the deputy director-general of REMA, while.../images/up/News/201510101819314039.jpg
Honeywell Surveys Show Significant Gaps in Fire Safety Awareness in Morocco and Tunisia
07/07/2015 Honeywell’s fire safety awareness studies that were conducted amongst the urban adult populations of Morocco and Tunisia showed serious gaps in knowledge and behaviour. The surveys found the 75% of respondents in Morocco and 69% in Tunisia had not attended a fire drill in the past fiv.../images/up/News/20157818472739109.jpg
Africa: Governments, International Organisations, and NGOs Move to Protect Lives and the Climate From Dangerous Air Pollution
04 June 2015 Geneva -- If we manage to reduce short lived climate pollution, we not only save millions of lives but also reduce global warming by as much as 0.6 degrees by 2050 "Steps to address short-lived climate pollutants are now seen as an essential complement of the aggressive mitigation act...
1.11.4 South Africa
According to the United Nations, GDP per capita in South Africa may catch up to China in 2017. The South African natural resources industry has been a driver of economic development and higher levels of personal consumption. With the growing South African middle class, the country’s market is relati...
1.11.3 Algeria
Algeria is the largest air conditioner market in Africa. Political uncertainty, however, remains and the country has had a cool summer for two consecutive years. The 2014 market size is estimated at about 478,000 units. Ductless split air conditioners account for 80% of the market, while window u...
1.11.2. Nigeria
The Nigerian air conditioner market size is estimated at more than 441,000 units. Ductless split air conditioners account for 84% of the market and window units comprise the remaining 16%. With a population of over 170 million, Nigeria holds huge market potential. Security and political stability ho...
1.11.1 Egypt
Egyptian air conditioner demand came to nearly 438,000 units. Egyptian VRF market scale is estimated at 600 units in 2014. Egypt’s population was over 82 million in 2014 and has a young demographic, indicating huge market potential. According to a report by a German marketing research company GfK...