Fujitsu General Releases AIRSTAGE J- IIIL for Store/Office Use in Europe

Starting in April, Fujitsu General began releasing new AIRSTAGE series models of multi air conditioners for store/office use in European markets. The new models are compact and can be installed more readily by adding the new J-IIIL series that includes the industry’s smallest out-door unit in the 16 hp class.
By adding the large capacity 14 to 16 hp models to the lineup, the company is expanding the range of combinations of outdoor units, thus making it possible to respond to various types of air conditioning systems from small to large sizes.
In urban areas in Europe, places where outdoor units can be installed are restricted by townscape ordinances and outdoor units must be installed in narrow places such as in spaces between buildings, on a balcony, and a place surrounded by fences so that they cannot be seen.
To meet these requirements, the company launched in European markets the 4 to 6 hp models in the J series from 2012, and 8 to 12 hp models from September 2017. Sales of the J series models this year are predicted to expand significantly to a level 1.6 times higher than those in the previous year in terms of the number of outdoor units.
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