MHI Thermal Systems to Release 19 New Beaver RAC Models for 2018

In late March, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Thermal Systems began selling 19 new Beaver room air conditioner (RAC) models for 2018, which comprise six highest-class SW series models with a high annual performance factor (APF) and excel-lent energy-saving performance, six highly functional RW series models incorporating an interlocking function with a humidifier, and seven standard TW series models.

All three series feature JET airflow operation, which sends out a large quantity of powerful air, and warp operation, which enables quick cooling and heating. In addition, the SW series incorporates a function called ‘leave airflow to the sensor’, and the RW and TW series incorporate a function called ‘leave operation to airflow’, and both functions make it possible to cool or heat a room uniformly and effectively by automatically controlling the airflow rate and air direction. Moreover, the 2018 models are the first to utilize tea resin, which has been developed by a beverage manufacturer from its tea leaf waste recycling system, for their filter holders.
Thanks to a human motion sensor incorporated in the units, the SW series models prevent overcooling or overheating if no occupants are detected, and they automatically stop operation and shift to energy-saving operation if no occupants are detected for a certain period of time. Furthermore, the SW series models can operate in linkage with room-ist humidifier SHK series models that are manufactured by MHI Air-Conditioning & Thermal Systems.
In the RW and TW series, an indoor unit with a height limited to 250 mm across all models, and an out-door unit suitable for 10 m2 is light in weight.
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