Toshiba Resumes Fan Business by Releasing New Models

Toshiba Home Technology resumed its fan business after a three-year break, releasing from mid-April four new living room fan models and two new tower-type fan models. By taking into comfortable airflow and versatility in particular, the company has designed a unique fan shape that resembles refreshing natural wind blowing across a plateau.

In recent years, in the domestic fan market, reflecting changes in living environments and lifestyles, increasing importance has been attached to the use of fans in combination with room air conditioners (RACs) in highly airtight and heat-insulated houses with special consideration given to the quality of room air and functions conducive to energy savings. This trend is leading to an increase in demand for fans adopting direct current (DC) motors. In view of this context, the company has made it possible to offer comfort-able airflow closer to natural wind by reviewing the basic functions, versatility, etc. of fans, and inventing the brand-new fan blade shape.
For example, the F- DLW75 living room fan adopting an electricity saving DC motor incorporates a temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the airflow rate by detecting the room temperature. Capable of selecting either a milder or stronger mode of operation, it is designed to enable users to use the fan comfortably according to their physical requirements and age brackets. Moreover, the F-DLW75 is equipped with features such as an LED display panel and attenuating/extinguishing mode that visibly show users the desirable temperature level.
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