Kawasaki Wins JMF’s President Award for its Natural Chiller, Efficio NZ

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering won the Japan Machinery Federation (JMF)’s President Award for its Efficio NZ natural chiller in the Energy-Efficient Machinery Award category for 2017. Within the framework of this award program, JMF presents awards every year to companies or groups of companies judged to have contributed to the promotion of efficient use of energy by developing and commercializing superior energy-saving machines, with a view to promoting the development and spread of energy-efficient machines.

The Efficio NZ that has won the award this time has been highly appreciated as an air conditioning system that can contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption and electric energy saving by realizing a COP of 1.51 during the rated cooling operation, a COP of 1.64 in terms of seasonal efficiency during 50% load operation, and optimal control of the overall efficiency of an air conditioning system as a whole, including the ancillary facility.
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