Gree Wins Central Energy Station Project in Hengqin Zone

In March 2018, Gree won the central energy station project in Hengqin new development zone in the south of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. It will provide nine units of permanent magnetic synchronous centrifugal chillers for the No.1 energy station of the project, with a total capacity of 25,000 tons.
As the basic supporting facility project for Hengqin zone, the comprehensive intelligent energy project is composed of a power station, steam heat network, energy stations, and the supplementary piping network. It adopts multiple energy supply modes through electrical refrigeration, ice storage refrigeration, and lithium bromide absorption-type refrigeration, in order to supply 4ºC cold water to users.
One of the water chillers which have won this project is Gree’s icestorage centrifugal chiller. This unit adopts a two-stage compressor to satisfy the requirement for big pressure ratio under ice storage working condition, which has greatly improved the unit’s energy efficiency.
Meanwhile, it adopts high-efficiency dual working conditions multi-point aerodynamic design, high-power and high-speed permanent magnetic synchronous motor, intelligent ice-making control, and other technologies, which can allow the unit to operate efficiently and stably whether under air conditioning working condition or ice-storage working condition.
The maximum cooling capacity of the unit is up to 3,000 tons. Coefficient of Performance (COP) is up to 4.61 and 6.11 under –6ºC of ice- making working condition and air conditioning working condition, respectively, higher than the national energy efficiency class 1. Moreover, Non-standard Part Load Value (NPLV) is up to 9.78 and the comprehensive energy efficiency is improved by 30%.
In addition, the unit can still operate stably when water outlet temperature is as low as –8ºC during ice-making period and chilled water inlet temperature is as high as 34ºC. It can be widely used in airports, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc.
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