Yunnan County Speeds up Cold Chain Logistics Construction

In recent years, Yunnan County in Guangdong Province has seized a growth opportunity to develop modern agriculture in the highlands. During the provincial meetings in 2018, Yunnan proposed three objectives comprising green energy, green food, and healthy living destination, offering great business opportunities for the cold chain logistics industry.
During the 13th Five-year Plan (2016–2020), Yunnan is focusing on the development of cold chain logistics for highland products such as flowers, fruit and vegetables, wild edible mushrooms, meat, and dairy products, and is setting up a cold chain logistics service system with delivery within 72 hours from farms to the table across the county. At the same time, Yunnan will also improve facilities for precooling at the production stage, and for the retaining of freshness at the processing, storage, and transportation stages to achieve seamless connected links in the cold chain.
One of the specific examples of the plan is the cold chain project of Kunming Baoxiang Linkong International Industry Park. When completed, the industry park will become the largest Internet plus cold chain logistics base in Southwest China. Another example is Yunnan ASEAN International Cold Chain Logistics Center with a 50,000 -ton cold storage capacity that has been put into operation as the first phase of the project. Other cold chain logistics projects are also being set up.
After the completion of all these cold chain logistics facilities in the county, highland agricultural products from Yunnan will reap the benefits of a well-organized cold chain which will undoubtedly improve the quality and added-value of fresh agricultural products, and will be of great significance in the acceleration of industrial structure optimization and upgrading.
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