China’s Policies to Boost Cold Chain Development

With economic and social development as well as rising living standards of people in China, there is increasing demand for cold chain logistics, and the market scale of such logistics is expanding strongly. However, due to a late start-up and a weak foundation, the industry faces issues such as an incomplete standard system, weak infrastructure construction, a low level of professional expertise, and insufficient supervision.
Under these circumstances, the laws governing food safety and agricultural product quality security, and the Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of the Logistics Industry (2014–2020) developed by the State Council make suggestions designed to boost healthy and orderly development of the industry as well as protection of the safety of fresh agricultural products and food.

According to the laws and the plan, the country will focus on building a modern cold chain logistics system that is suitable for China’s national conditions. The system aims to achieve a full chain, networking, strict standards, traceability, new models, and high efficiency to meet customer demand for consumption upgrades, to ensure the safety of food consumed, and to increase farmers’ income. The market-based, government-led principles will improve the cold chain logistics standards and the service specification system, and will optimize the infrastructure network, encourage business innovation, enhance the information technology level, and accelerate technological equipment innovation and application, as well as strengthening industry supervision, innovating management mechanisms, with a comprehensive policy supporting system and strengthened leadership.
By 2020, a cold chain infrastructure network with a reasonable layout, extensive coverage, and seamless connections will be initially developed. And a cold chain logistics service system with a full range of temperature control, sound standards, green safety, and wide application will also be set up.

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