Gree Serves the Largest Commercial Complex in Oman

In March 2018, Gree new generation high-efficiency air-cooled screw chiller has successfully passed the acceptance inspection for the Nawras complex project in Muscat, the capital of Oman and also the important hub city of Maritime Silk Road.
Nawras Complex is a super large commercial complex project integrating a high-end office building, a high- class hotel, and a shopping mall. It is the largest commercial complex in Oman at present, with a total construction area of 26,000 m2 and total cooling load of 4,500 tons. The complex adopts twin towers structure, in which the front and back are the office building and hotel, and in the middle, a large shop-ping mall. Gree provides a complete set of air conditioning equipment for the complex.
Gree’s second generation high-efficiency air-cooled screw chiller, U-match duct type unit, GMV5 all DC inverter VRF unit, and related corollary equipment involved in this project are mainly used for the shopping mall, office building, and hotel of the Nawras Complex. So far, installation for the air conditioners of office building and shopping mall have been completed, and installation of the VRF units for the hotel will be completed in this September.
In 2018, Gree successively won the bids of benchmark projects along the road of the Belt and Road initiative, such as Gwadar Port Project in Pakistan, Brazil Belo Monte Project, China-Laos Railway Project, Kantaya Center Project in Burma, etc.

Image of Nawras complex project
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