Bitzer Shows Compressor Solutions for low-GWP Refrigerants in Japan

At HVAC&R JAPAN 2018, Bitzer exhibited its latest product highlights at its 90 -m2 booth. “We are very happy that we can present so many product highlights for Bitzer Japan’s tenth anniversary at the important refrigeration and air conditioning trade fair,” said Ferdinand Spannan, managing director of Bitzer Japan.
One of highlights was Ecoline+ reciprocating compressors for transcritical CO2 applications, which are particularly suitable for supermarket applications and are available in both 4- and 6 -cylinder versions. The Ecoline+ series features an improved motor technology which fully exploits the motor’s high efficiency and the low heat input of the CO2 refrigerant. With the help of line-start permanent-magnet (LSPM) motors, the compressors achieve a seasonal energy performance ratio (SEPR) up to 14% higher annually. The 2DME-7K semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with eight models for subcritical CO2 applications were also exhibited.
Besides that, Bitzer showed its open OS.A95 screw compressors for ammonia-based applications in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as in heat pumps. By connecting up to four compressors in parallel, it is possible to increase the flow rate in com-pound operation up to 4,060 m3/h at 2,900 rpm.
In the field of scroll compressors, Orbit scroll compressors were developed especially for air conditioning and heat pump applications. They are easy to install, offer high energy efficiency when fully or partially loaded, and have the lowest noise emissions in their capacity class.
For mobile applications, Bitzer developed its Speedlite scroll compressors with two capacities, ELV21 and ELV51.
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