ENGIE Installs R1234ze Chillers at a Hospital in Sydney

In Australia, ENGIE Refrigeration has supplied the world’s largest fleet of chillers, using the sustainable refrigerant R1234ze. A major hospital in Sydney is now home to this record-setting facility. ENGIE Refrigeration has supplied eight Quantum chillers onsite, with a total refrigeration capacity of 10 MW. Combined together, chillers from ENGIE Refrigeration are now in operation in over 150 hospitals from Germany to Iran and all the way to Australia.
Hospitals demand the highest requirements on availability and operational reliability of refrigeration such as trouble-free operation of sensitive medical equipment, reliable cooling of surgery theatres and intensive care units as well as a comfortable room temperature for patients. In March 2018, eight water-cooled Quantum chillers began operation at a major hospital in suburb of Sydney, ensuring an optimal climate for people and medical equipment. These Quantum models use the ecofriendly refrigerant R1234ze. In combination with their energy-efficient operation, the chillers reduce the hospital’s ecological footprint related with refrigeration supply to a minimum.
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