Panasonic Launches CO2 Condensing Unit in UK

Panasonic has announced that the company’s 4 kW CO2 condensing unit for commercial refrigeration targeting small supermarkets, convenience stores, and petrol stations, is now available in the United Kingdom via its distributors.
The new units offer a stable, natural, reliable, and energy saving solution that is suitable for both freezing and refrigeration. Panasonic has over 10 years’ experience in developing technologies using CO2 as a refrigerant. In Japan, 6,600 Panasonic units have been installed so far in small supermarkets and convenience stores.

Panasonic’s solution helps to over-come some of the major problems small retail outlets encountered with previous solutions. The Panasonic units have a low refrigerant charge, and offer maximum energy efficiency with a low carbon footprint. They can be set to run at low and medium temperatures with four initial settings which can be modified to achieve greater energy savings. For quick and easy installation in plug and play applications, Panasonic offers a one-box solution comprising the condensing unit, a panel pre-programmed controller, the expansion valve, and sensors. The units have low noise levels, are compact (930 x 800 x 350 mm) and weigh 67 kg.
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