Panasonic Receiving Orders for CO2 Condensing Units in Europe

From April, 2018, Panasonic began receiving orders for 7.3 kW (10 hp) condensing units adopting the nonfluorinated refrigerant CO2 (available in two types of specifications, a standard type and a type that is highly resistant to salt damage) that have been newly developed for small stores in the European market in which CO2 equipment is penetrating more rapidly than in other markets.

In Europe in recent years, smalloutput centralized units adopting CO2 refrigerant have started being introduced into small stores such as convenience stores, small supermarkets and stores side by side with petrol stations. Thus, the adoption of condensing units with a non-fluorinated refrigerant in retail stores is accelerating.

In summer last year, Panasonic launched a 1.6 kW (2 hp) condensing unit adopting the non-fluorinated refrigerant CO2, and has entered the European market thanks to orders received for this model to be introduced in prefabricated refrigerated/cold storage facilities in small stores. Now, by launching the 7.3 kW model in the market in addition to the 1.6 kW model, the company can broaden the scope of condensing units with non-fluorinated refrigerant to be offered to small stores operating multiple refrigerated display cases and prefabricated refrigerated/cold storage facilities.

The new product has realized a high coefficient of performance (COP) refrigeration cycle by adopting Panasonic’s own CO2 two-stage compression rotary compressor and refrigerant cycle that have achieved high reliability in Japan for many years. It has also realized more compactness and lighter weight by adopting a new technology for pressure control. By fully taking advantage of abundant knowhow that has been acquired in Japan, the company is endeavoring to comply with various regulations and safety standards that are required in Europe.
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