Thermo King’s New Refrigeration Unit Chosen by Canadian Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway has selected Thermo King’s SLXi-DRC units to fulfill its largest, single domestic reefer container order in Canadian history. Canadian Pacific is the first Thermo King customer to purchase the SLXi-DRC unit in North America. The SLXi-DRC units have a slim profile, which increases cargo capacity by providing room for an extra pallet row of cargo space in the container. The SLXi-DRC also uses next-generation, lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, R452A, helping companies like Canadian Pacific and Thermo King meet sustainability goals.
“We presented the SLXi- DRC refrigeration unit last year as a concept to our North America DRC rail customers and we received a great response,” said Dane Taival, vice president and general manager, Thermo King North America.
Canadian Pacific and Thermo King collaborated on an extensive, four-month field test of the new SLXi-DRC unit to verify performance of the technology in the rugged environment and climate of Canadian railways.
“We installed the unit on a six-year-old Canadian Pacific container and tested performance on a variety of loads – from fresh, to frozen, to pharmaceuticals, and on temperature extremes of –15 to 65ºF (about –26 to 18ºC),” said Don Bradd, vice president and general manager, Thermo King Eastern Canada. “Performance downloads were taken regularly and our partners at Canadian Pacific recorded fuel levels before and after every trip. Internal box temperatures were always well below targets, and fuel economy, quality, and reliability were all proven with the SLXi-DRC unit.”
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