Citec Precision Air Conditioning System: G-Volution Series

Citec G-Volution Series is the latest precision air conditioning system engineered to run seamlessly in critical environments by delivering constant, efficient, and intelligent cooling circulation consistently – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. G-Volution can adapt to fluctuating heat loads while consuming low energy resources.
Citec’s design objective is to make precision air conditioning units that meet the definition of efficient handling, easy accessibility, and simple installation. The company understands critical space can come at a very high cost especially in critical environments, and that it is not only vital to operate precision air conditioning with the smallest possible footprint but to also have units that comes with full front access for easy maintenance and servicing.

The G-Volution is the embodiment of the next generation of precision air conditioning solutions where energy savings and increased uptime are encased in a sleek, compact exterior featuring advanced technology and cutting- edge components.
The Genius 5+ controller, EC fan, and DC inverter compressor make Citec’s energy saving units pioneer in energy-efficient solutions in the long term which provides reductions of operating costs.
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