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Panasonic Leverages High-end Compressors for Growth
At the end of 2014, JARN interviewed Shinji Fujiwara, director, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Devices Business Division, Appliances Company, Panasonic, to hear about Panasonic’s plans for its compressor business. JARN (J): Could you describe Panasonic’s compressor business? Shinji Fujiwar.../images/up/News/201532216213820516.jpg
Daikin Steadily Builds Its U.S. Foundation
Daikin announced on January 6 that it plans to expand Goodman’s operations in the United States. At the 2015 AHR Expo after the announcement, JARN interviewed Takeshi Ebisu, president and chief executive officer, Goodman Manufacturing, to hear about the new factory, its strategy in the U.S. market, .../images/up/News/20153221321521459.jpg
Mitsubishi Electric: Turning Up the Heat on Overseas Development
In November 2014, Mitsubishi Electric announced its management strategy with a final year of fiscal 2020 (end March 31, 2021). On that occasion, JARN interviewed Yoshiomi Araki, general manager, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Division, Mitsubishi Electric, to find out the details of this.../images/up/News/201522215272783384.jpg
Emerson Climate Technologies Contributes to Sustainable World
JARN interviewed Rajan Rajendran, vice president, System Innovation Center and Sustainability, Emerson Climate Technologies, in mid-December 2014, to hear about the company’s new products and business strategy. JARN (J): Firstly, could you tell us your background after joining Emerson Climate Tec.../images/up/News/201512417595378590.jpg
STULZ: Global Giant in Data Center Cooling
STULZ is a specialized manufacturer in data center cooling and is developing business in the global market. JARN interviewed Marc-Oliver Stulz, managing director of STULZ, in Tokyo, to hear about the company’s profile focusing on its data center air conditioning business. JARN (J): First of all, .../images/up/News/201412220444113792.jpg
LG Sets to Expand Its European B2B Business
LG has concentrated on reinforcing its brand position as the leading comprehensive global provider of Air Conditioning Energy Solutions (AE). Recently, LG has focused on strengthening its human capital, appointing Pierre-Yves Rollet as the new head of AE Sales, LG EU Air Conditioning and Energy Sol.../images/up/News/201411230202537578.jpg
Mitsubishi Electric Creates New Market with HVRF
Technological innovation is the mantra of VRF market leader Mitsubishi Electric. Two years ago the company announced its HVRF system in Europe. JARN interviewed Yoji Saito, president of the German Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe, at Chillventa 2014 to hear about the HVRF’s development backgro.../images/up/News/2014112223594885286.jpg
Midea Carrier Evolving with Four Brands
At the end of 2011, Carrier formed a joint venture with the Midea Group for the manufacture and distribution of HVAC products in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. About three years has passed since hen. JARN recently interviewed Toshio Murakami, general manager, Distribution, Midea Carrier Brazil, and A.../images/up/News/2014102612454939507.jpg
Haier Realizes Its Dream through Technology Enhancement
Haier has been ramping up its RD in recent years and has released several advanced products such as an oil-free centrifugal chiller thanks to this effort. JARN interviewed Wang Li, director of Haier Commercial Air Conditioner (CAC) Division, to hear about Haier’s development strategy for products an.../images/up/News/20141026061162474.jpg
Ziehl-Abegg Aims at Globalization through Localization
--An Interview with Peter Fenkl, president of Ziehl-Abegg Ziehl-Abegg recently established its new plants in Thailand and the United States as well as in its home, Germany. JARN interviewed Peter Fenkl, CEO of Ziehl-Abegg, to hear about its future business plans on the global stage. JARN (J): .../images/up/News/20149300464885135.jpg