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Haier Makes Customers Its Top Priority
Haier is accelerating its business transition, attracting the best resources worldwide by capitalizing on its open platform, and offering optimized product experiences to users. JARN interviewed Wang Youning, general manager of Haier residential air conditioners, in Orlando, the United States, where.../images/up/News/201632323403225425.jpg
The Helix Bringing Innovations to Emerson
During the 2016 AHR Expo, JARN interviewed Robert T. Sharp, executive vice president of Emerson, to hear about its innovation center, The Helix, and its compressor business performance. JARN (J): First of all, could you describe the newly built Emerson Innovation Center for building controls and .../images/up/News/2016320012392876.jpg
Embraco Expanding Compressor Business with Linear Oil-free Technology
Embraco, a Brazil-based hermetic compressor specialist, announced its new partnership with Dorin, an Italy-based semi-hermetic compressor specialist, during the 19th FEBRAVA held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the end of September 2015. In November 2015, JARN visited Embraco’s Beijing office and interview.../images/up/News/20162241247113106.jpg
Honeywell Promoting New Refrigerant Solstice N40 as Alternative to R404A
Honeywell has developed a new refrigerant, Solstice N40, as an alternative to R404A, which has high global warming potential (GWP). The new refrigerant, registered as R448A and given the brand name Solstice N40 by Honeywell, is nonflammable and highly efficient with lower GWP than standard hydrofluo.../images/up/News/20161241232189311.jpg
Sanhua MCHE Explores New Application Fields
As a major manufacturer of microchannel heat exchangers (MCHEs), Sanhua’s overseas strategy to expand its production bases in the Americas is getting attention from the industry. JARN visited the company recently and interviewed Jeb Ni, general manager of Sanhua MCHE, to hear about its MCHE business.../images/up/News/201612410464462017.jpg
Toshiba Carrier Launches New SMMS-e in Europe
At Interclima+elec held in Paris in November 2015, JARN seized the opportunity to interview Hirokazu Kondo, president of Toshiba arrier. Toshiba Carrier launched a new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system called the Super Modular Multi System e (SMMS-e) during the show and unveiled its global stra.../images/up/News/20161241104473035.jpg
Samsung Focusing More on Commercial ACs
On October 28, 2015, JARN was invited to the Samsung AC Forum 2015, held at Samsung’s headquarters in South Korea, and interviewed Jemyung Moon, Senior Vice President of AC RD Group, and Charles H. Park, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Group at Digital Appliances, to hear about Samsung’s busin.../images/up/News/20161210492435857.jpg
Skyworth Aims to Be Global AC Player with Talented Engineering Team
According to statistics, rapid growth has come to an end in China’s residential air conditioner industry, which is now posting moderate growth. Many investors have withdrawn from the industry, with less than 20 major brands active in the marketplace in recent years. However, Skyworth Group, which is.../images/up/News/201512260265844124.jpg
AHRI Strengthens Certification Capability in Asia
On October 19, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) signed a cooperation agreement with General Machinery Product Inspection Institute (GMPI) in Hefei, China. On this occasion, JARN interviewed Stephen Yurek, president and CEO of AHRI, to hear about its research program .../images/up/News/20151225057837133.jpg
Open Innovation Model Drives Haier Product Innovation
Recently, JARN interviewed Wang Ye, vice president of Haier Appliance Industry Group and general manager of Haier Global Research and Development, to learn about Haier’s experiences and achievements gained from its open innovation practices. JARN (J): Haier started exploring open innovation as ea.../images/up/News/201512250575855099.jpg