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Daikin Strategy around the World
Daikin formulated its Strategic Management Plan Fusion 20, targeting fiscal year 2020 (ending March 2021), at the beginning of June. On this occasion, JARN visited Daikin’s head office and interviewed Yoshihiro Mineno, senior executive officer, Daikin, to hear about its global business strategy. .../images/up/News/201682411455727919.jpg
CPI: Global Leader for AC&R Lubricants
JARN interviewed Thomas E. Rajewski, president of CPI Fluid Engineering, a division of the Lubrizol Corporation, to hear about its products, market strategy, and future plan. JARN (J): I understand that CPI Fluid Engineering specializes in lubricants. Do you deal in other products or services? T.../images/up/News/201672417522082635.jpg
Mitsubishi Electric to Develop Global Market with 12-hp Twin-Rotary
Mitsubishi Electric has launched production and sales of a 12-hp twin-rotary compressor in China. At CRH 2016, JARN inter-viewed Junichi Yokoyama, chairman and president of Mitsubishi Electric (Guangzhou) Compressor (MGC), to hear about its compressor business. JARN (J): When did you begin produc.../images/up/News/201672110155860159.jpg
Danfoss to Produce Turbocor TT Centrifugal Compressor in China
During the CRH Expo, JARN interviewed Noel Ryan, president of Danfoss Commercial Compressors, to hear about Danfoss’ compressor business performance, sales and manufacturing structure, and new products, among other topics. JARN (J): How was business for Danfoss Commercial Compressors last year an.../images/up/News/20166261182151319.jpg
Carrier Focusing on Successful Launches, Integration, and Services
During China Refrigeration Expo (CRH) 2016, JARN interviewed three executives of UTC Climate, Controls Security, namely Ross Shuster, president, International; Robert Chiang, vice-president, Global HVAC Engineering; and Gaurang Pandya, president, Asia Pacific. Among other topics, they discussed bus.../images/up/News/20166212373143866.jpg
LG Gaining Ground in the U.S. VRF Market
During the 2016 AHR Expo, JARN interviewed Kevin McNamara, Senior Vice President, sales and operations, LG’s U.S. Air Conditioning Systems business, to hear about its business strategies focusing on variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. JARN (J): Last October, you were appointed LG Senior Vice.../images/up/News/201652011201969474.jpg
Carel Solutions Control AC&R Systems Efficiently
Headquartered in Italy, Carel is a global leader in control solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and also humidification and evaporative cooling. During Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2016, JARN interviewed Francesco Nalini, Carel group managing director, to gain an insight .../images/up/News/20165200295894974.jpg
Highly’s Broad Rotary Portfolio: From Mini to BlackMax
During the 2016 AHR Expo, JARN interviewed Ji Shengchang, Light Commercial Product Manager, Highly, to gain an insight into Highly’s broad range of rotary compressor portfolios and the company’s business strategy. JARN (J): Which products is Highly promoting at this year’s AHR Expo? Ji Shengch.../images/up/News/201642316434792320.jpg
ICHINEN TASCO Aiming to Become No. 1 Supplier of HVAC Tools
JARN interviewed Masahiro Iwata, president of ICHINEN TASCO, to hear about TASCO’s products and sales inside and outside Japan as well as its development strategy, especially in the Asian region. JARN (J): To begin, could you describe ICHINEN TASCO’s business in air conditioning and refrigeration.../images/up/News/2016421023098653.jpg
Samsung to Expand in the U.S. Market with Technologies & Networks
During the 2016 AHR Expo, JARN interviewed Charles H. Park, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics, to hear about the company’s business strategy in the U.S. market. JARN (J): First of all, could you tell us why Samsung is so keen to take part in the AHR .../images/up/News/201642023533812698.jpg