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Mitsubishi Electric Makes Global Move with M&A
On August 25, Mitsubishi Electric announced that it had acquired the shares of Italy-based chiller manufacturer DeLclima. At the beginning of September, JARN interviewed Yoshiomi Araki, general manager of the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Division, Living Environment and Digital Media E.../images/up/News/20151125014532844.jpg
JCI & Hitachi Joining Forces to Achieve the Same HVAC Vision
After a press conference held on October 5, JARN interviewed Franz Cerwinka, chief executive officer (CEO) of Johnson Controls?Hitachi Air conditioning (JCH), to hear about the brand strategy, global operations, and business plan of the new joint venture between Johnson Controls (JCI) and Hitachi. .../images/up/News/2015112420283324616.jpg
Cooltech Pioneers Magnetic Refrigeration Systems
During the 24th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR2015) held in Yokohama, Japan, from August 16 to 22, JARN seized the opportunity to interview Christian Muller, founder, CEO and CSO, and Vincent Delecourt, director of Sales and Marketing of Cooltech, a French pioneer in magnetic refri.../images/up/News/201510231322319583.jpg
MHI Expanding Centrifugal Chiller Business Leveraging Efficiency & Reliability
Nearly two years have passed since the establishment of MHI Bingshan Refrigeration (Dalian) (MBRD). JARN interviewed Kaoru Kusumoto, senior general manager, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Division, Machinery, Equipment and Infrastructure, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), to hear about MHI’s ce.../images/up/News/201510230184444072.jpg
The Future Needs New Standards
--A Talk with Secop about Natural Refrigerants, Inverter Technology, and the Chinese Market Secop is one of the world’s leading refrigeration compressor manufacturers. At China Refrigeration Expo 2015 (CRH 2015) held in Shanghai, JARN interviewed Pieter Boink, Global Business Development and Mark.../images/up/News/20159230511482196.jpg
Fujitsu General Expanding Overseas AC Business with Large Products & High Brand Value
Fujitsu General Group appointed a new president in June. On this occasion, JARN interviewed Etsuro Saito, the new president and representative director of Fujitsu General, to hear about his ambitions and vision as well as the company’s business strategy.JARN (J): Congratulations on your appointment .../images/up/News/20159221453432192.jpg
Emerson’s Inverter Scroll: New Solutions for VRF Manufacturers in China
At China Refrigeration expo (CRH) held in Shanghai in April, JARN interviewed Giovanni Zullo, vice president, Marketing and Planning, Asia, Emerson Climate Technologies, Asia Pacific Headquarters to hear about its business in China. JARN (J): Could you describe the 2014 financial results for Emer.../images/up/News/201582311423427782.jpg
Carel Developed on Dual Trucks - Electronics & Thermodynamics
This year, Carel China celebrated the tenth anniversary. At the China Refrigeration Expo in April, JARN interviewed Luigi Nalini, Group CEO of Carel Industries, to hear about Carel’s global business strategy focusing on China. JARN (J): Could you outline the background of Carel? Luigi Nalini (.../images/up/News/201571923224228154.jpg
Panasonic Targets Doubling Commercial Air Conditioner Sales in Fiscal 2018
Panasonic announced its target of \700 billion (about US$ 5.8 billion) in sales in its air conditioner business in fiscal 2018 (end March 2019), a 52% increase over sales in fiscal 2014. JARN interviewed Mamoru Yoshida, president of Panasonic Air-Conditioner Company on May 29, two days after the ann.../images/up/News/20157190502266270.jpg
Carrier Expands AquaEdge Centrifugal Chiller Family to 3,000 RT
At the China Refrigeration 2015 expo held in Shanghai in April, JARN interviewed two Carrier executives - Ross Shuster, president of BIS Asia, and Robert Chiang, vice president of Engineering, BIS Asia - to hear about Carrier’s HVAC business with special focus on the new joint ventures (JVs) with Mi.../images/up/News/201562211515563939.jpg