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Celebrating One of Summer's Most Important Inventions: Modern Air Conditioning
Jul. 12, 2011 From sports to ice cream to the beach, the staples of summer form the basis of treasured memories. But it’s one of summer’s most important inventions that comes to mind when the temperatures soar, making even the most oppressive summer - cool. It is hard to imagine life without it. T...
Fuel Poverty Statistics 2011
The latest Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics 2011 is published today (Thursday 14 July) at 9.30am by the Department of Energy and Climate Change – headline figures refer to fuel poverty levels in the UK and England in 2009. This report includes the following highlights: ? In 2009, there wer.../images/up/News/201171718291215886.jpg
Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Hungary
-- 2011 Review, 146 pages, ISBN 978-92-64-09820-6, paper €75, PDF €60 (2011)Type: Country ReviewsSubject: Energy PolicyRegional co-operation is a vital element of Hungary’s energy market and energy security policy. Hungary, which shares borders with seven countries, is well placed to improve regio...
Energy prices: without reform, we’ll all be in the dark - Telegraph article
12 July 2011 It is vital that Britain prepares to provide far more of its own energy needs. There is, as the managing director of Centrica said last week, “never a good time to raise prices”. Last week, the UK’s biggest energy company raised its gas prices by 18 per cent, and its electricity price...
Australian Government unveils carbon tax with carbon equivalent price of HFCs
2011-07-13 Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister has announced an ambitious scheme to tackle climate change - a plan to tax carbon emissions from the country’s largest polluters. Under the scheme hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) will face a carbon price, likely making them more expensive. Newly an.../images/up/News/20117171754419152.jpg
TSI Inc.: Indoor Air Quality Monitor
July 11, 2011The redesigned Q-TRAK? multifunction IAQ Monitor Model 7575 provides real-time, simultaneous display of up to five key IAQ parameters including temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and CO quickly and accurately. The monitor also calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, and percent ou.../images/up/News/20117171750650855.jpg
Expert know-how on all aspects of the heat pump
European Heat Pump Summit 9th Heat Pump Forum Symposium on Air-Air-Heat Pumps for Commercial Real Estate Two years ago the first European Heat Pump Summit 2009 - powered by Chillventa - was successfully held. With around 270 European conference participants and top-ranking speakers along with...
Teklab presents oil level control unit
2011-07-12 Known for its expertise in the manufacture of oil level controls in multi-compressor applications, Teklab is adding its TK3 optical level control suitable for CO2 systems to the R744.com product database. Designed for working pressures up to 60 bar, it reliably controls the oil level in .../images/up/News/20117171495941419.jpg
Thermovarem Storage Tanks for Cool and Hot Water
Varem spa always renews its range and introduces the new Thermovarem storage tanks for cooled and for heating water from 100 lt up to 5000 lt. The range consists of: -TVAR/N: carbon steel S235JR EN10025 storage tank without treatment. Models until 3000 lts.: Thermal insulation on flexible pol...
Pioneering low temperature waste heat recovery system using ammonia
2011-07-11Although long considered unfeasible, a low temperature waste heat recovery system has been pioneered in Japan. The system, which can be used with ammonia harnesses waste heat and generates electricity using a rotary heat engine (RHE). Ground-breaking rotary heat engine converts ener.../images/up/News/20117171393269757.jpg
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