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Study Says U.S. Building Energy Codes Have Reduced Energy Use
Sept. 20, 2011 SAN FRANCISCO — In what is said to be the first United States study to measure the real impact of building energy codes on total household energy consumption, the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) found that U.S. building energy codes have reduced household energy use and greenhouse gas...
Forecast of China’s AC Market RY 2012
The calendar year August 2011 marks the beginning of the 2012 refrigeration year (RY). Facing the pressure of rising raw materials cost, excessive production capacity, and intensified inflation, the market forecast of the coming year is unoptimistic. Facing the high level of stocks left from the lac.../images/up/News/2011101320382210275.jpg
HCFC Phase-out Sets to Begin
The 64th Meeting of the Montreal Protocol’s Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund was held from July 25 to 29 in Montreal, Canada. At the meeting China, the world’s largest producer and consumer of HCFCs, was granted US$ 265 million to cut its use of these gases by 2015. HCFCs not only har.../images/up/News/201192211325616930.jpg
Virtual 10th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2011 Concludes
The 10th IEA Heat Pump Website Conference 2011 was held over 66 days from June 27 to August 31. As has been previously reported, this international conference was scheduled to be held in Tokyo this May, but the National Organizing Committee (NOC) of Japan suspended the conference following the March.../images/up/News/201192211215423518.jpg
F-gases: Phase-out or Gradual Phase-down?
Although fluorinated gases, usually known as F-gases or HFCs, only contribute around 2% of greenhouse gases today, if business continues as usual, that figure could rise to between 9% and 19% by 2050. An interim review of a 2006 EU law to restrict the use of F-gases in Europe is recommending new .../images/up/News/20119221118477630.jpg
Major AC Manufacturers Competes in India
Among the emerging countries, India is the most watched and also the last huge air conditioner market to be developed in the world. JARN estimates the 2011 market size for air conditioners in India at 4.1 million units, a 17.5% increase compared with last year. Japanese and South Korean companies co...
Weighted Wings in 2011 – A Review of 2011 World AC Market
Following is the 2011 world air conditioner market report continued from August issue and related report for major air conditioner manufacturers in India on page 10. Middle East The political unrest in this region caused sales of air conditioners to slow during the first half of 2011. The unrest.../images/up/News/20119221183166706.jpg
2011 International Congress of Refrigeration Held in Prague
From August 21 to 26, the 23rd International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) International Congress of Refrigeration – the world’s largest conference about scientific advances in heating, cooling and refrigeration – was held in Prague, Czech Republic. Almost 1,000 participants from 56 countries .../images/up/News/201192210584154992.jpg
Civilization, Disasters and Energy Solutions
In a sense, another word for disaster prevention could be civilization, as something invented by the human race to protect us from disasters. Indeed, large-scale disasters – ones that civilization is not able to protect us from – have such power to impact people that they can change the course of hi.../images/up/News/20119232144088888.jpg
GE Chairman Immelt Comments on President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness
Sep 9, 2011GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt is serving as chairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. This morning he issued statement on President Obama’s jobs creation speech, delivered yesterday evening to Congress. Immelt’s statement, in its entirety: President Obama made c...
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