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Carel Offers New Range of ‘humiSteam’ Humidifiers
Carel Air-Conditioning, Humidification and Refrigeration products are on display at AHR Expo 2009 at Carel USA booth, No. 6325. Among the vast range of innovative solutions for the optimized control of air conditioning and refrigeration units, Carel will introduce a new range of isothermal humidifie...
Midea and Toshiba Carrier Jointly Develop Inverter Acs
Midea Group, one of the largest air conditioner manufacturers in China, and Toshiba Carrier, a leading air conditioner manufacturer in Japan, signed a contract for the joint development of inverter type light commercial air conditioners. Zhang Quan, President of Midea Central Air-Conditioner Divis.../images/up/News/20091911361424792.jpg
Innovation and Ventilation Combine at Ziehl-Abegg
Founded in 1910, and started as strictly an electric motor company, Ziehl-Abegg is currently one of the world’s most respected motor and fan manufacturers specializing in ventilation, drive and control technology. Along with the main factory in Germany, there are subsidiaries, production facilities,.../images/up/News/2008121918402017934.jpg
Hitachi’s Centrifugal Chiller Market Strategy
JARN visited Hitachi Appliances and interviewed Mr. Yoichi Fujita, Department Manager of Sales Engineering, Large Tonnage Chiller Sales Division, inquiring about a sales strategy for the company’s centrifugal chillers which are continuing to grow rapidly, and other issues. JARN (J): Recently, you...
Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products (Thailand)
Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products (Thailand) (MCP), located on the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi Prefecture of Thailand, was established in 1989 and is now manufacturing and selling room air conditioners (RACs) and packaged air conditioners (PACs) for all the world, excluding for Ch...
Wuxi Foison – on the Development Fast Lane
During the CR’08 expo, JARN reporter visited the booth of Wuxi Foison, a profitable components company and interviewed Mr. Frank Zhi, Chairman of the company.JARN (J): Could you please give our readers a brief introduction of your company?Zhi (Z): Wuxi Foison was established in 1991. We manufactured...
High Quality and New Products Lead Qing’an to Success
During the AHR held in New York city this year, JARN visited Mr. Ren Xudong, President of Qing’an Refrigeration Equipment, a leading rotary compressor manufacturer of China. During the interview, JARN asked some questions on the lineup of its products, market development, etc.JARN (J): Could you giv...
Ziehl-Abegg Shanghai Think Global–Act Local
Ziehl-Abegg AG is a global group with history of technological progress and innovations reaching all the way back to 1897. Their products consist primarily of fans, fan and elevator motors, and associated control systems. JARN recently had a chance to speak with Dr. Mark D. Kuessner, Vice General Ma...
Hitachi to Promote R410A Screw Chiller in Shanghai
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Building on a Long History of Excellence— Interview on Hitachi’s New R410A Screw Chiller
For screw chillers, R134a is currently the most widely used alternative refrigerant for R22. In June 2008, Hitachi announced its development of a new series of screw chillers using R410A refrigerant. The new products have achieved COP values higher than 5.0 for all models. JARN interviewed Mr. Hide.../images/up/News/20089510253878943.jpg