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DAT Enhancing Its Value through Efficient Production
Daikin Airconditioning (Thailand) (DAT) produces commercial and industrial air conditioners. JARN visited DAT on September 4 and interviewed Noboru Miyao, managing director of DAT, to hear about the company’s profile and production system. DAT started operation in December 1975 under the name of .../images/up/News/2017112314124298004.jpg
MACO in Thailand Acting as Driving Force of MHI Group
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) established its 100% subsidiary, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems (MHI Thermal Systems), in October 2016. The new company took over MHI’s broad product lineup comprising centrifugal chillers, heat pump water heaters, transport refrigerant units, and room .../images/up/News/20171123054053526.jpg
2016 Bitzer Strategy Conference Held in Kyoto
- ‘Intelligent Compressors Today and for Tomorrow’ The 2016 Bitzer Strategy Conference - for the Asia Pacific Distribution area was held from May 23 to 25 in Kyoto, a city with over a millennium of history which is in the heart of Japan. In the elegant and graceful atmosphere of Kyoto, the confer.../images/up/News/20167240394994943.jpg
MHI Brand ACs Go Global through MACO
-- MACO Visit Report During Bangkok RHVAC 2015 held in Thailand in August, JARN visited the factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Mahajak Air Conditioners (MACO). MACO is a joint venture established in 1988 between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and the former Mahajak Development to manu.../images/up/News/201510230342513097.jpg
TICA Accelerates Globalization Strategy
After two decades of development, China’s private company Nanjing TICA Air-Conditioning has expanded its presence in overseas market from merely exporting products to cooperating with multinational corporations. On June 19, JARN visited TICA and toured around a production line of variable refrige.../images/up/News/201582312474232462.jpg
Gree Develops PV Centrifugal Chillers
At the China Refrigeration Exhibition this April, Gree debuted the world’s first photovoltaic direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller, which made an industry-wide splash. Gree is extending its development capabilities from residential air conditioners to commercial air conditioners, with inves.../images/up/News/201411818215923516.jpg
Daikin Shiga Plant: A Mecca for Its Global Production of Residential Products
On July 16, Daikin gave an inspection tour of its Shiga Plant, to which a JARN reporter was invited with about 20 other members of the press. Shiga Plant serves as a core facility for development and production of residential air conditioners. Constructed in November 1970 on a site of about 276,0.../images/up/News/201482417131050583.jpg
Localization in the Face of Challenge
-- Visit to Daikin Australia Localized production in Australia has become increasingly challenging in recent years with the strong Australian dollar and high labor costs. Auto industry giants including GM and Toyota have taken the step of withdrawing from local production. In the air conditioning i.../images/up/News/20147211591118713.jpg
HFO-1234yf Production Increasing
HFO-1234yf is a new refrigerant for automobiles with a global-warming potential (GWP) of less than 1. This GWP is 99.9% lower than that of HFC-134a, the current refrigerant in use, and even lower than that of carbon dioxide. Major refrigerant manufacturers are increasing their production globally.../images/up/News/201422321453894153.jpg
Bitzer Aims to Pinnacle of Efficiency
The Bitzer competence center for screw compressors in Rottenburg, Germany, is the world’s largest class manufacturing unit for this product group. Bitzer strives to ensure a seamless system through ‘Bipros’ production system. JARN visited the center and reported the key elements of the system. An.../images/up/News/201332511215851375.jpg