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International Symposium on R290 Refrigerant for RACs Held in Ningbo
/images/up/News/201752718151378260.jpgThe international symposium on design, manufacture, and installation of propane (R290) refrigerant for the room air conditioner (RAC) was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province from April 10 to 11.
First Regulation on Promoting Green Buildings in Western China
On March 17, the regulation on promoting the development of green buildings in Qinghai Province was announced, effective beginning April 1. This is the first regulation aiming to promote green buildings in the western region of China./images/up/News/2017527188894410.jpg
Sales of 3-7 hp Compressors Increase Rapidly in February
In February 2017, domestic sales of compressors for light commercial air conditioning reached 1.19 million units, an increase of 37.2%, compared with February 2016./images/up/News/201752717523529059.jpg
Panasonic -- Eolia WX Series
Starting in 2015, Panasonic incorporated into its models the world’s first sensor for detecting hotness/ coolness as felt by each user during heating/cooling operation./images/up/News/201752718233866073.jpg
Japanese RAC Manufacturers Shifting to High-Performance Models with New Features
Home electric appliance retailing shops are beginning to shift their focus to room air conditioner (RAC) sales following the space heating season that has ended, now that the cooling season is about to begin.
Guangdong Province Issues Mining Targets of Ore
Guangdong Provincial Department of Land and Resources issued the total mining targets for tungsten ore and rare earth ore in 2017.
National Center Recognizes Hybrid Heat Pump Project
Fuxin Hongli New Energy Heating Supply and Dalian University of Technology cooperated on a hybrid heat pump project using ground-source and solar energy. /images/up/News/20175271815560962.jpg
TCL AC in the Limelight at the Climate World
TCL Air Conditioner (TCL AC), as one of the top air conditioner manufacturers from China, participated in Climate World 2017 as in the past. /images/up/News/201752717561727312.jpg
Hisense Hitachi Speeds Up Railway AC Business
In recent years, investments in railway transit systems have been increased as an important aspect of improving people’s living standards in China./images/up/News/201752717483855135.jpg
ASTM Seeks Papers for 2018 International Symposium on Whole Building Air Leakage
The symposium will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on current air leakage research, trends in whole building air leakage, and new opportunities for new and revised standards./images/up/News/201752711414013239.jpg